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My first job was when I was 16 years old. Mr. Jones was the manager when I went there. I learned how to weld. I did it until I was about 79 years old. I had friends with jobs a lot higher than mine, but I was satisfied. I was completely satisfied. I mean, I had a good life. Things was different then; it was very compatible. You worked and you appreciated your job. If you worked you worked, if you didn’t you didn’t. Today it’s a black mark, they say you don’t wanna work. Back then it was that you couldn’t find a job. Let me tell you something, everybody makes mistakes but a lot of people won’t admit it. If you make a mistake, live it out.
I got a wife. After two years I got a wife. If you get the right woman, you’ve got it made. She died, but she died knowing that I cared for her. Still I’m happy as a jaybird. Poor, broke, but it don’t mean nothin’. I’m happy.

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