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Our Memory Disco Package provides all the necessary resources to make highly engaging musical activities a part of daily life at your home or facility. There are three parts to our package: Silent Disco Technology, Training & Certification, and our Memory Disco Portal

​Silent Disco Technology

  • 6-25 Silent disco headphones

  • 1 Wireless Transmitter

  • 1 Microphone (can be plugged into transmitter to speak to participants through headphones)

  • Maracas

  • Protective, rolling duffle bag for easy transportation

  • Memory Disco Backpack

  • Activity Guide Binder 

Training & Certification

  • Personalized Implementation & Onboarding Session

  • Memory Disco Certification

  • Monthly Office Hours/ Workshop

  • Asynchronous Educational Videos

Memory Disco Portal​

  • 40+ Playlists organized by genre, decade, popular artists, activities, and more

  • 15+ activity guides catered towards dementia care communities

  • 10+ Educational Videos

Schedule a free consultation with a member of our Day By Day Project Team through the form below! We will create a package that caters to your community's needs. 


At-Home Caregiver Package

$900 for:

  • 6 Headphones

  • Additional Equipment mentioned above

  • Portal Access

Facility Package

$3,000 for:

  • 25 Headphones

  • All Additional Equipment mentioned above

  • Portal Access

  • Personalized Implementation Session

All Package Quantities (including the number of headphones) can be customized to fit needs of each care community!

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