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Quiet Events has partnered with the Day By Day Project to create the Memory Disco Package. The package combines our silent disco technology with the education, training, and expertise of the Day By Day Project to create an accessible tool for care communities.

Our Memory Disco Package provides all the necessary resources to make highly engaging musical activities a part of daily life at your home or facility. There are three parts to our package: Silent Disco Technology, Training & Certification, and our Memory Disco Portal

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At-Home Caregiver Package


Ranges from 2-10 headphones*

Facility Package

$2,800 - $3,400

Ranges from 15-25 headphones*

The number of headphones can be customized to fit needs of each care community!

Contact Us

Schedule a free consultation with a member of our Day By Day Project Team through the form below! We will create a package that caters to your community's needs. 

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