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Dementia Caregiving: Find Purpose in Fading Memories

Dear fellow Dementia Care Partners and Supporters,

Music played a magical role in my life from a young age. At 10, I witnessed firsthand how it could spark joy and bring a former & nonvocal opera singer to sing, even as her memories faded. This sparked a spark within me, and by 14, I had launched the "Day by Day Project" to bring similar moments of music-fueled joy to countless others affected by dementia.

Day By Day Project Founder and President, Kaylie Glenn, using music to connect with a loved one with dementia.

Over the years, grappling with this heartbreaking disease has led me on a constant quest for meaning. Yet, I've come to realize that perhaps the point of life isn't about remembering everything ourselves; it's about living for others so our memories live on within them. This shift takes the pressure off clinging to the past and instead, places us squarely in the present, creating moments of love and connection that resonate beyond the reach of fading memories. 

My search for meaning, even if perceived as unconventional, has become my lifeblood. It fuels my purpose, ignites hope in others, and shapes who I am at my core. This applies to all of us. Our personal belief systems, be they rooted in music, art, service, or simply unwavering optimism, are not mere distractions; they are the life rafts that keep us afloat in this tempestuous sea. To suppress them is to deny our very humanity, the very quality that binds us together in the face of shared challenges.

Care Partner using the Day By Day Project, Memory Disco (TM), to connect with loved one through music.

Therefore, I urge you: embrace your truths, whatever they may be. Find meaning in the seemingly meaningless. Let your music play loud, your colors splash vividly, your acts of service reverberate far and wide. This is not the time for quiet acceptance; it's the time for action, fueled by the embers of our passionate convictions.

Let our differences in beliefs not divide us, but rather paint a vibrant tapestry of human experience. Let them inspire us to find our own unique paths through this shared journey. We could all use a little bit more connection in our daily lives. 

So, pick up your instruments of hope, paint your masterpieces of kindness, and embrace the beautiful, messy humanity that connects us. Together, with unwavering purpose and hearts overflowing with love, we can create a world where even the most faded memories are reborn in the warmth of shared experiences.

The Day By Day Project has worked with neurologist for over 8 years to design a program that can bring joy, remembrance, and connection, to the dementia diagnosis. Learn more about how we are making new memories with our MEMORY DISCO at

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