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I grew up as an only child. I had playmates in my neighborhood, and we loved to play bingo, monopoly, and sorry. One of my friends had a porch we would always play on. Back then, there was no bus transportation, so I walked to school. I also took piano since I wanted to play like my mom… I hated it. You see, I tried to pretend like I didn’t know that I was supposed to practice. Sometimes I would get away with it. My husband. He was an interior designer, he came to do my parents’ house. AS he was leaving, I kind of was in on it just watching with curiosity, then he looked at me and suddenly said, “Would you like to go out?” and I looked at him blankly and I said, “What?” So… he became my husband. We got along beautifully, and we had two daughters. That’s one reason why I’m here!
I always wanted to be a teacher, not a nurse. I didn’t want to work at a desk anywhere. When I was a teacher, I learned a lot about kids. They don’t understand completely because of age why they’ve done what they’ve done. I remember, the children would all be hanging on me at the end of the year, asking, “Will you go to the next grade with me?” I told them, “Oh, that would be too hard.” They would say, “We will help you!”
Advice? Well, I think there is a little too much pressure. You learn from your mistakes

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