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Our Mission

Transforming Dementia Care Through Music

Combining EducationMusic Engagement, and a New Perspective on the dementia diagnosis to transform memory care.

Our Vision

We envision a world where moments of remembrance, joy, and connection are ordinary for care partners through the power of music.

So why is music the tool that can transform dementia care?


The Power of Music in Dementia

Emotional Memories are encoded rhythmically in the brain and that is one of the only skills preserved throughout dementia. 

So that means even when cognition language and motor skills decline, we will always have the ability to tap into these memories

Music Fosters Communication

 The symptoms of dementia oftentimes serve as a barrier between a loved one and their caregivers.


Music is a universal language, and in this case, a language that doesn’t necessarily need words to create a feeling of understanding and connection. 


Barriers to Using Music

Reduced attention span, auditory needs, and accessibility to music creates a barrier to maximizing the power music can have in this community.


But behind this barrier, our loved ones are still there, waiting for us to connect with them. We just need the right medium.

The Solution: Memory Discos

Our headphones have individualized volume adjustments and allow participants to direct their available attention towards the music.

The community aspect of silent disco technology allows us to use music as a communication tool.

Click Here to Learn More About Memory Discos!

Our Volunteers

MUSICAL MEMORIES is the volunteer wing of The Dementia Project and bring our mission to life! These amazing high school and college volunteer organizations help create accessible music engagement programs to local communities, including our Memory Discos.


Click Here to Learn About How You Can Join!

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