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Volunteer Training

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Our Team Training Program is a shorter version of our Memory Disco Certification designed for care partners. We have created this shorter educational module for care partners to have all the information needed to run their own Memory Disco! The Memory Disco Certification covers more information regarding why our Memory Discos work, issues in dementia care that Memory Discos address, and the philosophy behind the program. Learning Objectives: - Understand the role of music in dementia - How silent disco technology solves barriers in dementia care - Understand how to implement The Dementia Project's Musical Engagement Program - Know how to set up a Memory Disco and troubleshoot potential issues By leaning on our program, music can be revolutionized as a tool at your fingertips to bring the power of music to any place, at any time, by anyone--regardless of their musical background!

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app




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