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Growing up, I loved to read. Romantic novels were always my favorite. In fact, I’d rather read than watch TV. I also played the piano, but I had a cousin who was older than me, and he played really well. He’d come along everywhere and play so beautifully; that sort of killed it for me. My father worked at a movie theater, so I went every night. I saw every movie! I imagine people probably wondered how I got to go so often.
Next thing I know, I was grown up and married. I was married on the fifth—my lucky number is five. What did I like best about my husband? Well, I loved him! I loved everything about him! I wouldn’t change a thing. One time we let our kids sit in the front row at the drive in. We had three little boys, and they were all begging, so we let them. We sat in the back, and as we were driving away, we realized we had left them in the front row. Oh, as I look back, I’ve lived a long healthy life. I’ve been lucky that way.

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