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Build Your Own Memory Disco Package

Follow the steps below to build your own Memory Disco Package to fit your needs and budget! 

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Step 1: Purchase Silent Disco Equipment

For facilities, we recommend purchasing 15-25 headphones. The amount of headphones can vary based on your budget and number of participants.


Package Includes:

  • 10 Headphones

  • 1 Transmitter

  • Clip-on microphone

  • Headphone & Transmitter Chargers

Package Includes:

  • 20 Headphones

  • 2 Transmitter

  • Clip-on microphone

  • Headphone & Transmitter Chargers


Component 1: Silent Disco Headphones.

For the at-home setting we recommend 4-8 headphones.

For facilities, we recommend 15-25 headphones. 

Component 2: Transmitters

We recommend buying 1 transmitter to start with. Having multiple transmitters allows you to play multiple songs at the same time or split your activities into multiple groups at the same time. You can only use up to 3 transmitters at the same time. 

Each transmitter comes with a clip-on microphone and transmitter charger automatically.

Component 3: Chargers

Each charger allows you to charge 16 headphones with a single outlet. Ideally, you should have enough to charge all of your headphones at once. 

Step 2: Purchase Auxiliary Equipment

Component 1: Maracas

Having easy-to-hold handheld percussion instruments allows participants to transform music activities into an active listening experience. We recommend using maracas for this purpose. 

Component 2: Activity Guide Binder

Purchase a binder and some sheet protectors to build your Activity Guide Binder. You can then print out our activity guides and educational pages and insert them into the sleeves.

The binder below has built-in sleeves for inserting activity guides. 

Untitled design (6).png

Component 3: Rolling Duffel Bag

A rolling duffel bag is an easy way to transport the equipment across the house or facility without having to carry the weight. This bag can be used to store the headphones, transmitter, headphone chargers, and other accessories.

The center compartment can be used for the headphones. The front zipper pocket can be used for the headphone chargers. The side zipper pocket can be used for the transmitter.

Component 4: Backpack

For smaller kits of 10 or less headphones, you will not need a rolling duffel bag. You can use a backpack to carry all the headphones, chargers, maracas, transmitter, and binder.

For larger kits, having a smaller backpack allows you to separate the maraca, Activity Guide Binder, and cleaning supplies from the rest of the kit for easy use.

Component 5: Cleaning Supplies

There are two options for cleaning headphones. First is using sanitation wipes. Make sure to avoid wipes that contain bleach, as that can irritate the skin. If you want to avoid sanitation wipes altogether, you can use headphone covers. 

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